Commercial quality bed linen


M Cohn & Associates' commercial bed linen is value engineered for both long life and reduced processing costs. We have many years experience in sourcing high quality, long lasting bed linen specifically designed for commercial use and in supplying Brand Standard bed linen to all major hotels groups.

Siena Classic Bed Linen 

Standard commercial quality.


Made from cotton blended yarns and finished to minimise shrinkage.  


Available in  50/50 and cotton rich.

Siena Lux Bed Linen

Siena Lux bed linen is made from high quality combed yarns in 260 thread count. Available in plain, dobby or jacquard sateen designs to suit your hotel Brand Standards.


Available in 50/50 and cotton rich.

Siena Percale Bed Linen

Siena Percale quality offers more luxury and a superior feel..


Made from finer yarns and tighter weave and available in 50/50 and cotton rich.


Siena Prima Bed Linen

Our 300 thread count Siena Prima bed linen is designed specifically for commercial use in five star accommodation.


50/50 and cotton rich blends available in plain sateen, stripes or jacquards to suit individual Brand Standards.