Commercial Duvets & Pillows


Luxurious softness, warmth, breathability, and excellent heat retention define M Cohn & Associates bedding.

Advanced crafting and blends deliver marvellous luxury and performance.

The quality of bedding determines the guest experience, and the pillows and duvets play a very important part in this. High quality products that are comfortable and very importantly must also be launderable.  All our products can be tailored to suit brand standards, including special fill requirements such as down, feather, latex, foam or dacron.

Feather & Down Duvets

We supply the highest quality duvets using hyperallergenic and sanitised feather and down. We supply to your Brand Standards.


Polyester Duvets

Our polyester quilts are used in both warmer and cooler climates and are constructed to your Brand Standards.

Micro Fibre Duvet

Micro fibre is the option that offers the lightness of feather and down and the features of polyester.

Feather & Down Pillows

Our three layer construction offers comfort, support and stability for a good nights sleep. 


Duck or Goose down are available in your required fill ratio & weight.

Polyester Pillows

Our polyester filled pillows are made with long lasting polyester fibres - comfortable and supportive.

Pillow Menu

We offer a variety of pillow constructions including latex and foam pillows, contour pillows and special fills.